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The best thing about playing Wilhelm is that you’re never alone, even when you’re playing Solo. This one-eyed beast is able to summon his minions to assist him during battles and his toughness makes him a perfect tank.

In contrast to Nisha, who is able to clear off hordes of enemies within the blink of an eye, Wilhelm lacks crazy damage output.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Enforcer Wilhelm Builds

While Nisha lacks sustainability, Wilhelm is as tough as anyone can get which makes up for his low damage output. Another thing to keep in mind is that Wilhelm is considerably slow when it comes to leveling up and is left vulnerable during his action skills cooldown period.

Enforcer Skill Trees

If you’re planning on playing solo with Wilhelm, this is the ideal skill tree for you! This skill tree heavily relies on Wolf and Saint with Wolf dealing most of the damage for you. However, do note that to make Wolf work like one of your party members; you need to have some skills assigned to that particular role.

Saint will keep you alive most of the time and Wilhelm will receive plenty of Second Winds from time to time. However, like I’ve mentioned before; in fierce battles, you may have to cover and lay low for a while if Wolf dies unexpectedly or it requires cooling down before the battle has even finished.

Cyber Commando
This skill basically revolves around changing the appearance of Wilhelm and dealing significant amount of damage. This thing essentially transforms Wilhelm into Raiden-styled Cyborg (except swords) and with increased damage and weak on the defensive side. Mixing it up with Hunter-Killer will take things on another level for both damage and survivability.

Progress a little with this skill tree and you’ll notice increased melee damage output. Whether you’re going with direct melee attacks or slams, stay in the middle of the battle and keep enemies off your allies.

Toughness and being a team player is what defines this skill tree. It ensures that Wilhelm survives even the toughest of the battles with his decent HP, strong shields, and improved resistance.

Like I’ve mentioned in Cyber Commando skill tree, it’s weak on the defensive side. In order to counter that, mix up Cyber Commando and Dreadnought to ensure that Wilhelm has a strong damage output and increased survivability.

Enforcer Wilhelm Builds

Build #1 – The HybridClick to View Build
First thing we’re going with Afterburner which will increase Wolf’s speed to zoom in the air and also increase Wilhelm’s Reload Speed and Projectile Speed significantly.

Next thing we’re going with is Fire Support which will increase damage dealt by Wolf and Gun Damage of all weapon types. Suppression is a Kill Skill which will allow Wilhelm and Wolf to have increased rate-of-fire for a short duration of time which will allow you to take out enemies much faster.

Laser Guided is an amazing skill when it comes to Wilhelm. Use this to paint a tough foe/boss in the area and Wolf will divert its attention to that particular boss. The targeted boss/foe will take additional damage from all sources which include Wolf, your allies, and even yourself.

The best thing about this skill is that if that targeted boss/foe is killed, it’ll increase the duration of Wolf and Saint. Rolling Thunder is another useful ability which acts like a synergy between Wolf and Saint.

With this skill, Wolf will provide stacks of Rolling Thunder which will increase Wolf’s Damage. The last skill that we’re going to use in Hunter-Killer skill tree is Omega Strike which will let Wolf deliver a missile strike after a short duration of time which is pretty fun to use.

Now we move onto Cyber Commando skill tree and go with Man and Machine which will increase Shield Capacity for both Wolf and Wilhelm. Combine this Auxiliary Tanks to increase the duration of Wolf and Saint.

The idea is to create an amalgam of different skill trees rather than sticking with only one. The next skill we’re going with is Fortify which will increase maximum health for Wolf and Wilhelm.

In addition to this, it’ll also increase the Gun Damage of all gun types while Saint is alive. Next skill we’re going with is related to Saint and it is energized. With this skill, you’ll increase the Shield Capacity of your allies and Wilhelm and also increase the speed with which Saint heals you.

Another skill related to Saint that we’re going to use is Zero Hour which will create a healing zone around Wilhelm which will heal anyone standing in it for 12 seconds which is pretty good.

For the last four skill points, you can spend them anyway you want, but I would recommend spending them on Rapid Reinforcement to further reduce the cooldown time of Wolf & Saint.

Build #2 – Defensive WilhelmClick to View Build
The first skill that you need to go with is Man and Machine which increases Shield Capacity and Maximum Health for both Wilhelm and Wolf. For this skill, you can go with anything you want because the idea is to unlock the next skill which is Power Fist.

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As for me, I decided to go with Targeting Scope which will increase Wilhelm’s Accuracy and Critical Damage for few seconds (the exact duration is unknown). Power Fist is actually a Melee Override which allows Wilhelm to deliver an explosive punch having a long range.

The basic idea of using this skill is to gain more control. In situations where you’re surrounded by a horde of enemies, you can use this skill to get out. Diver Power is one of the most important skills to use in this build.

With no shield left and low HP; this skill will convert all damage taken into Damage Resistance and Shield Regeneration for a few seconds. However, do note that this skill has a cooldown period of 25 seconds. The idea of using this skill is to increase Wilhelm’s survivability.

Coming to Dreadnought, the first skill that you need to upgrade is Fortify which will increase Maximum HP of both Wilhelm and Wolf. In addition to this, while Saint is active, Wilhelm will deal increased damage with all gun types.

To complement this skill, we’ve gone with Auxiliary Tanks which will reduce the cooldown time of Wolf & Saint while increasing their duration. Heatsinks will allow Wilhelm to have better Shield Recharge Rate and Shield Recharge Delay.

It is further enhanced if Wolf & Saint is in cooldown period. This is, once again, to improve the survivability of Wilhelm. To get to further skills used in this build, you need to spend one point in Energized. The main skill that you need is Zero Hour which will create a highlighted area near Wilhelm to heal him and his allies.

Highlighted area is triggered whenever Saint is called or expires. With Hazmat Containment System, you will be able to gain resistance to different Elemental-ailments and deal that Elemental-damage to nearby enemies. Once again, this is a pretty good skill to have when it comes to survivability.

Kinect Armour and Hard to Kill are again meant to enhance the survivability of this build by increasing Maximum Health and reduce damage taken. You need to spend four points into each of these skills and spend the last point in Overcharged.

Build #3 – I Got You TankedClick to View Build
Let’s talk about Dreadnought first! In this skill tree, you need to go with Auxiliary Tanks as it’ll increase the duration of Wolf & Saint and reduce their cooldown by fifteen seconds. This is a pretty important skill since this whole build is based around Saint.

You also need to throw a couple of points in Fortify which will increase your Gun Damage while Saint is active and will also increase your Maximum HP. Next thing you need is Energized which will get you a lot of health and shield at the same time for about forty-five seconds.

Now, there are very slim chances that Wilhelm will go down with this build, but if he does, Termination Protocol will allow him to get back on his feet and still take out enemies. And even if he doesn’t, he’ll die with a massive nuclear blast that will take out anything in its blast radius.

The next ability is Zero Hour which is directly related to Saint. With this ability, if Saint is summoned or expires, it’ll create a highlighted zone around Wilhelm which will heal him and all his allies within that radius for about twelve seconds which is huge!

With Hazmat Containment System, you’ll increase Wilhelm’s elemental-damage resistance. Not only will you develop resistance against all sorts of elemental-effects, but you’ll also deal elemental-damage to all nearby enemies. With Kinect Armour, you’ll increase Wilhelm’s Maximum Health and will keep on staggering enemies who will attack you up close.

The main skill to use with this build is Overcharge which is Saint’s ability and provides improved reload speed, ammo regeneration, rate of fire, and movement speed of Wilhelm and allies every time Saint is summoned. However, do note that this thing will not recharge rockets.

Coming to Cyber Commando, you need to start off with Man and Machine which will increase Shield Capacity of Wilhelm and Wolf. This adds a teeny weeny bit of survivability to this tank build which is always welcome.

The only reason I went with Targeting Scope is that I found it to be better than the other two skills that I needed to unlock advanced skills. This is a Kill Skill which increases Wilhelm’s Accuracy and Critical Damage after each kill.

Power Fist is a melee override which will allow Wilhelm to dash forward to deliver an explosive damage of high range. Also note that this skill has a cooldown time of 12 seconds.

Shock Absorber work really well with Kinect Armour and allow Wilhelm to fire while sprinting with increased Gun Damage and no Accuracy penalties which is exceedingly fun and powerful to use against hordes of enemies. Another useful skill to use with this build is Divert Power.

Whenever Wilhelm’s shield depletes or he’s fewer than 30% HP, this skill will transform all damage taken into Damage Resistance and Shield Regeneration, but do note that this skill has a cooldown period.

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This skill is further complemented by Emergency Response which will provide Wilhelm and Wolf with several boosts. You need to spend four points in Emergency Response and the last skill that you need to go with is Vengeance Cannon which also works great with Divert Power.

Build #4 – Celestial EnforcerClick to View Build
This build is originally created by DoctorDragon and primarily revolves around Celestial Enforcer mod so as to get 7/5 Afterburner, 8/5 Fire Support, 6/5 Man and Machine, 10/10 Auxiliary Tanks, and 6/5 Energize. The basic idea behind this build is to get Wilhelm a ton of extra fire power, additional damage, and reload speed.

The spray & prey aspect of this build allows it to be equally useful for both solo and co-op mode with major skills being Laser Guided, Zero Hour, and Overcharge. You’ll see that cooldown of Wolf and Saint is decreased as much as possible to keep them coming in a loop.

Wolf will deal the maximum amount of possible damage and Saint will heal Wilhelm about with 6.1% per second which is huge. You only need to find a decent shield to work well with Hard to Kill.

The best thing about this build is the usage of Laser Guided which will allow Wilhelm and Wolf to take out as many targets as possible and gain more time for Wolf. If you’re not into Kill Skills, you can change it as per your preferences.

Don’t forget to share your own builds with us in the comments below!

при этом билде очень важен этот навык под названием "от бедра", кратко скажу что при перезарядке он прибавляет скорострельность, скорость перезарядки, но снижает точность, так же к этому навыку могу посоветовать вам мод "раздолбай с железными кулаками" он даёт возможность увеличить навык до 11 уровня что даёт 55% к скорострельности и перезарядке и -22%к точности, но это поправимо при помощи этого навыка под названием "сюрприз-стабилизация"
не обязательно улучьшать до 3 уровня можно и до второго но это будет стоить потери 2-ух процентов точности, но это не критично так что можно прокачать и до 2 уровня.

Так же хочу обратить ваше внимание на навык под названием "ДАЙТЕ ПЯТЬ, РЕБЯТА!" Он не обязателен для прокачки так как он практически для мультиплеера и его нужно активировать, так что не советую для прокачки ну только если у вас есть стабильное лобби из 4 человек то можно и прокачать его ( просто из-за того что его активация щанимает секунд 5 зажатия буквы v деает его таким стопорным и при замесе активация будет казатся гемороем).

Так же по возможности советую прокачать эти два навыка на максимум.

Как я уже написанно этот билд очень хорошо смотрится при группе друзей.

так же опять хочу заострить ваше внимание на навыке "ДАЙТЕ ПЯТЬ, РЕБЯТА!" вот в этом билде он уместный но всё же для кого то будет сложен в использонании (зажатие v и ждать пока друзья дадут тебе пять кнопкой v) просто легко забываешь про этот навык.

Так же очень интересный навык "Пни его, пока он лежит" который отвлекает всех врагов на вас при борьбе за выживание, но есть один побочный эффект "бомба из табакерки" рандомный пакет при котором вы привращаетесь в бомбу с таймером, и ладно бы если она взрывала только врагов, но тут есть очень большой шанс убить и своих друзей прокачивайте по вкусу

Так же если у вас большое пати из 4 человек то у вас скорее всего будет нехватка патронов и тут вам поможет такой навык как "Организованные бойцы"

Тут я хочу сказать про навык "Отброс" при прикосновении врага в вам, его отбрасывает и он получает взрывной урон, так этот навык можно прокачать до 11 уровня при помощи мода под названием "пиньята с добычей"

Так же я вам советую поэксперементировать с навыком "Заряжай! Пли!" так как он добавляет урон к взрывному оружию так что по возможности можно его или полностью прокачать (если есть взрывное оружие) или вообще его не трогать.

Так же обратите внимание на навык "Сквозь огонь и воду" очень интересная вещь может снизить время востановления активного навыка с 40 секунд, до 32, а при приминении таких модов как бротрап или разгонщик, можно снизить время до 25,8 секунд, эксперементируйте!.

Wilhelm is the "Enforcer" in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Knowing how he was in Borderlands 2, I was interested in seeing him as a playable character in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. After seeing his action ability, I knew he would be the first character I play as.

Before we begin, his drones Wolf and Saint do not disappoint. They help so much when you put the right skills in and I leveled up through the normal play-through using their skill trees exclusively.

I used this build while playing in a group, but it should still work in solo play. I use a different build in my second play-through in True Vault Hunter Mode, but that is another guide altogether.

This gu >Wolf and Saint: The Real MVPs — What Wilhelm’s action skill does and why it is fantastic.
  • Drone Build — The build I chose, what each skill does and why I chose it.
  • Wolf and Saint: The Real MVPs

    Wilhelm’s action skill summons two drones called Wolf and Saint. Wolf has health and shields and flies around attacking enemies. Saint does not have health or shields, cannot be damaged, and stays back to heal Wilhelm and restore his shields.

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    These drones can really save your life. Wolf is a terror to the enemy and kills better than I thought he would. He also seeks out enemies farther than I thought he would go.

    Saint isn’t as great as Wolf early on, but if you put points into the Dreadnought tree to buff him up, he’s very helpful.

    In fight for your life mode, if you have Wolf and Saint summoned, Wolf’s kills can revive you as well. This helps a lot with your survival. Wolf has saved me more times than I’d like to admit.

    Drone Build

    First, here is a picture of the build I used. I used the official Borderlands skill tree editor on their site:

    The order you pick depends on what you’re going for.

    • If you want more attack with Wolf at the beginning, start with Hunter-Killer.
    • If you want more survival with Saint, start with Dreadnought.

    This build goes up to level 30 around where you end up on your first play through on Normal. Now, let me explain each skill choice.


    • Fire Support — Increases damage with all gun types and increases Wolf’s damage.
    • Need I say more? I pure damage upgrade all around. A must if you want more damage.
  • Afterburner — Increases Wolf’s Air, Reload, and Projectile Speed.
    • I like the damage upgrade more since it also buffs Wilhelm, but this is helpful because it will let Wolf kill faster and more often.
    • Suppression — Increases fire rate for Wilhelm and Wolf after killing an enemy.
      • Great for kill enemies faster, though you have to keep killing for it to ber useful.
      • Venom Bolts — Wolf’s shots have a chance to do Corrosive damage. Also increases Wilhelm’s corrode chance and damage with guns and grenades.
        • This is a great skill actually. The build has one point, but after testing I’d suggest taking a couple of points from Suppression and adding them to Venom Bolts
        • This adds more damage, great for armored enemies, and doesn’t require you to kill to activate it.
        • Laser Guided — Paint the target by pressing the action skill while Wolf and Saint are active. Target takes increased damage from all sources and if the target dies while Painted, Wolf and Saint’s duration gets extended.
          • This skill is everything you want. Not only does the target take 25% more damage from everything, but wolf will focus on that target. Plus, you get 5 more seconds added to their duration every time you kill a Painted enemy.
          • Great for focusing a hard enemy/boss or keeping Wolf and Saint out longer by killing weak enemies.
            • Kill Switch — Whenever Wolf dies or time expires, it will dive bomb and explode on enemies.
            • This skill gives you an extra burst of damage. The explosion does a lot of damage and saved me multiple times while in Fight for your Life.
          • Rolling Thunder — While Wolf is alive, you gain a stack of Rolling Thunder every 5 seconds. This adds bonus damage to Wolf.
            • I chose this because I like to get as much damage as I can, and it is easy to keep Wolf and Saint out longer to maximize this buff.
            • Dreadnought

              • Fortify — Increases max health for Wilhelm and Wolf. Also increases damage with all gun types while Saint is active.
              • More health = better survival. Also another nice bonus to all gun as long as Saint is active.
            • Auxiliary Tanks — Increases Wolf and Saint’s duration and cooldown rate.
              • Normally I’d put 5 points in a skill like this, but Fortify is so good and they already come back pretty fast. Still, if you find yourself needing them more, swap some points from Fortify into this great skill.
              • Heat Sinks — Improves Shield Recharge Rate and Delay. Effect is doubled while Wolf and Saint are on Cooldown.
                • Great skill depending on the situation. Increases your survival a lot while waiting on Wolf and Saint, but is counter productive if using a Roid shield.
                • Energize — Occasionally boosts shields for Wilhelm and teammates and increases the rate Saint regenerates Wilhelm’s health.
                  • This is where Saint starts to get good. Now he can also restores shields, plus he regenerates health quickly. I didn’t notice Saint helping much until I got this skill.
                  • Termination Protocols — Replaces Fight for Your Life with Termination Protocols. This allows you to walk at reduced speed, fire weapons and constantly shock nearby enemies. You also cause a nuclear explosion when time runs out.
                    • Prepare to die less with this skill. It gives you shock damage as well as being able to shoot. Also, when close enough you can explode and do a lot of damage.
                    • The best part is if you kill someone with the explosion, you get revived.
                    • Zero Hour — Saint explodes putting a healing zone underneath you when he expires.
                      • Another reason to be a part of the Saint fan club. This heals a good amount and it works for your teammates as well.
                      • The only drawback is that you must stay in the healing area to get the effect.
                      • That’s it for my Wilhelm Drone Leveling Build for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. If you have any more questions about this build, or some tips of your own, let me know in the comments!

                        Please visit my Borderlands Pre Sequel Beginner’s guide for more tips and guides.

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